Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Does First Love Really Never Die?

"First love never dies"

Sobrang gasgas na 'tong kasabihan na 'to.

Well, doesn't it die? If so, why?

First love. It could be the most exciting, most fun, and yet the most painful, most messed up and most dragging. But one thing is for sure, it's the most memorable one.

Having a first love is the first step for us to fully understand the meaning of love and how it feels to be in love. And it's expected to be imperfect as most firsts are. However, for some reasons, most people hold on to it that no matter how it turned out, they would always come back [to it].

There is something in the relationship with the first love that's very special compared to the preceding relationships one had or would have. The very first time of feeling the way how is it to be in love makes it special that most of us can't let go of. And it will definitely not repeat on the preceding relationships. That's is why most people hold on to it - whether if it's right or wrong.

Yet, not most people really end up with their first loves. Perhaps, they learned to let go. Perhaps, they realized it's not meant to be. Perhaps, they wanted their first loves to be happy - that's how they love them.

And for those who ended up with their firsts, awwwwwwww!!! What a romantic love story and I envy them. Well, that's life.

First love is always memorable. But you don't need to let it stay in your heart unless it's truly the one for you. It's really up to you if you let it die or not. At least it won't die in your memories =]

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