Friday, July 18, 2008

Checkmate - Rivermaya


A candle light dinner for two

But there’s only me and there’s no you

Waiting for the flowers to bloom

It consumes my world

Thoughts reach up to the moon

It’s understandable that I’m not thinking right

My heart is leading the way

It contradicts my mind but I say


Two different people, one way or another, will find a way to make it work

Some little time for each other is good for the soul

Happily ever after, if you want to live

Look for another side of each other

When can time and logic follow?


So I guess in the meantime I’ll watch a movie by myself

Not feeling lonely I have some friends to keep me company

But if, when the time comes that I see who’s meant to be with me

Whoever that’ll be

It doesn’t have to be destiny because


Two different people, one way or another, will find a way to make it work

Some little time for each other is good for the soul

Happily ever after, if you want to be

Look for another side of each other

When can time and logic follow?

Follow the link below to listen to the song:

Checkmate - Rivermaya

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some Definitions of Love - Agree or Disagree?

If you're thinking of me, you have to let me know, 'cause loneliness is such a waste ...

the truth on the word "LOVE" so we get what we want, but if you say the word "I CARE" you'll never get what you want.

"I love u" has more effect on women thatn on men .

When, you love somebody, you love them for their good AND bad qualities. Its hard to love somebody that's perfect.

You know you love someone when you cannot put into words how they make you feel ...

With each passing time, a little piece of my heart dies in its yearning of the memory of the past

"Love is just a dream that walks away when you open your eyes"

Love: the greatest pleasure in the world, but also the deepest wound someone recieve.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Long-Distance Relationships

Love makes the world go round, but doesn't conquer all. This holds true to couples who are in a long-distance relationship. Just like any other love, being in love with someone who is far away from you forever is possible. But it doesn't mean though, that one will be able to survive having a relationship with someone who's far away and make it last.

Many people I know personally broke up with their partners who had gone abroad because of their failed relationships. And one of the major reasons is the other one found someone new in his/her respective location.

So you can't blame some couples who break up before the other leave. Despite the presence of love, trust in the relationship is slowly losing because of lack of physical presence, which is important in building trust. Not even instant messaging, e-mailing, and long-distance calls will solve this problem.

In fairness, some couples survive. But these are cases of people whose partner are just staying away for a given period of time.

Some makes expensive duties like scheduling a constant visit to the partner's place. Still, it will not guarantee trust.

So if your partner decides to stay in a far away place for good, your relationship should not be taken for granted. Be realistic on the advantages and disadvantages of staying in your relationship then decide whether you're going to pursue it or not. However, be realistic on the outcome. For security, you may decide to follow and stay with your partner where he/she will transfer.

Trust is important in every relationship. And without physical presence, trust in a relationship has a slim chance to work out. And my stand is...long-distance relationship is most likely to fail...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Does First Love Really Never Die?

"First love never dies"

Sobrang gasgas na 'tong kasabihan na 'to.

Well, doesn't it die? If so, why?

First love. It could be the most exciting, most fun, and yet the most painful, most messed up and most dragging. But one thing is for sure, it's the most memorable one.

Having a first love is the first step for us to fully understand the meaning of love and how it feels to be in love. And it's expected to be imperfect as most firsts are. However, for some reasons, most people hold on to it that no matter how it turned out, they would always come back [to it].

There is something in the relationship with the first love that's very special compared to the preceding relationships one had or would have. The very first time of feeling the way how is it to be in love makes it special that most of us can't let go of. And it will definitely not repeat on the preceding relationships. That's is why most people hold on to it - whether if it's right or wrong.

Yet, not most people really end up with their first loves. Perhaps, they learned to let go. Perhaps, they realized it's not meant to be. Perhaps, they wanted their first loves to be happy - that's how they love them.

And for those who ended up with their firsts, awwwwwwww!!! What a romantic love story and I envy them. Well, that's life.

First love is always memorable. But you don't need to let it stay in your heart unless it's truly the one for you. It's really up to you if you let it die or not. At least it won't die in your memories =]

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mga Sulsol, Para Ito sa Inyo - Ako ang Nagmamay-Ari ng Puso Ko!!!

Likas na sa tao ang maki-tsismis at maki-alam sa paligid nila. Okay lang kung ang mga bagay na 'yun ay may kinalaman sa kanila. Pero, paano kung hindi na?


Likas sa mga Pilipino ang maki-alam sa buhay ng iba kahit wala silang kinalaman dito o kahit hindi naman sila naaapektuhan nito sa ano mang paraan. Mahilig lang silang magpa-apekto. O kaya naman, gusto lang nilang makasali sa eksena.


Likas na mahilig ang mga Pinoy na may nasasabi sa isang tao lalo na kung hindi maganda - sa panlabas na kaanyuan man, pagkatao, at pag-uugali nito. Wala silang paki-alam kung nakakasakit sila ng damdamin, basta masabi lang ang nais nilang sabihin. Madalas, ang mga tinitira nila, mga wala namang ginagawa sa kanila.


Mahilig din maki-alam ng mga tao sa buhay-pag-ibig ng kapwa nila. Kahit 'di naman nila kailangan makisali, ipapasok pa rin nila ang mga sarili nila.


Ugali ng ilan sa atin ang ipareha ang isa sa isa. Minsan, 'pag ginagawa natin ang ganoon, hindi natin naiisip kung talaga ba'ng ang pinapareha natin ay talagang nakalaan sa isa't-isa. Basta para sa atin, bagay sila kaya dapat sila ang magkapareha.


Ito lang ang isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit sila nakiki-alam:

  1. Katayuan sa buhay - Kung mayaman ka, ipapareha ka nila sa mayaman and vice versa.
  2. Panlabas na kaanyuan - Kung maganda ipapareha ka sa gwapo and vice versa.
  3. Kapag hindi mo kapareho ng estado sa buhay o walang chemistry mga mukha ninyo, for some reasons, nasusuka sila at paghihiwalayin nila kayo.
  4. Pangit ang ugali ng napili at ipapareho ka nila sa tingin nilang "mas mabait" kahit hindi mo naman mahal.
  5. Hindi kayo bagay at mas may bagay "daw" sayo. At pilit ka'ng ipapareha sa isang tao kahit hindi mo gusto.
  6. Ayaw lang nilang makitang masaya ang kapwa nila - it's a common Filipino mentality.

At hindi sila titigil hangga't hindi sila nagtatagumpay! Kainis ano?


Kapag pag-ibig na ang pinag-uusapan, wala nang karapatan ang mga sulsol!!! Tanging ang nagmamay-ari lamang ng puso ang makakapag-desisyon nito. Lumayo na kayo'ng mga sulsol dahil hindi niyo pagmamay-ari ang puso ng kahit sino man!!!


Dahil ako ang nagmamay-ari ng puso ko, ako lang ang higit na mas nakaka-alam kung kanino ito titibok o tumitibok. Ako ang nagmamay-ari ng puso, kaya ako ang higit na mas nakaka-alam kung sino ang makakasundo nito, hindi ang ibang tao.


Ako ang makikipag-relasyon, ako ang makikisama, ang ang magpapakasal, at ako ang magkaka-anak. Kaya wala sa ni sino man ang maaaring magdikta sa puso ko dahil may sarili itong pagpapasya.


Hindi na rin ako bata at marami na ring naranasan ang puso ko na ligaya't sakit. Pinagsisihan ko man ang ilan, marami naman ako'ng mga aral na natutunan. At kahit paano, pinagtibay ng mga iyon ang puso ko na siyang nagbigay ng tiwala sa aking sarili. Kaya bakit ako magpapadikta o magpapasulsol?


And to those who are in love or will be in love, follow your heart 'coz it will surely lead you to the right person. Just learn how to listen to it properly and understand fully what it's trying to tell you.